Tree of Life Stone Healing Bracelet

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You're a confident mature woman. You've seen life from every angle possible. You're compassionate and firm. How do you show that through any bracelet? Let's dive in to show you that this bracelet is everything that IS you!

Turquoise - Perhaps humans oldest stone according to archeologists. Notable cultures and people to incorporated this in their lifestyle from Shama and Warriors to the kings use of talismans. This stone of protection; smooth feeling, yet strong, is known to be healing to the eye, as if it were slipped into the earth from the heavens as a gift for all to have. 

For several Millennia, and up to present day this stone is seen as nobility, wisdom, and immortality. Found in several continents from Africa, Asia, Central and South America which date back to over 4,000 B.C. More recently the stone became wildly popular during the 1960's and 70's by changing dynamics in the World and bringing back it's true and historic meaning to modern times as a symbol of Peace, Love & Unity.

No wonder Turquoise and all things made with it empower individuals to promote Peace, Love and Joy towards one another!

The Tree of Life stands for everlasting life, creativity and compassion. Women are the fruits that deliver life. Who else really understands what it's like to teach and care of something bigger than yourself? 

Dimension: 19cm wide

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