Love your Product Guarantee

The World Below's Products comes with a 100% money-back guarantee...but we don't stop there. We promise you will feel more beautiful and confident. You're friends will envy your product and new look in one painless visit! How you might ask? We've broken our checkout method into 3 easy steps:

  1. Add to Cart
  2. Proceed to checkout and enter your information.
  3. Submit your payment information and click the submit button. 

Our products are handmade. Which means, each are unique to you, just as you're in a class of your own! There's a good reason for our Love your Product Guarantee:

We take your visit to our store very seriously. Time is a luxury that is unfortunately limited for all of us. You have our personal promise that we will not be satisfied until you are wowed and delighted with your new products. We strive to transform your life in a positive way. We believe in our promise so much, we Guarantee it for 30 days after delivery.

At anytime, if you've decided our product hasn't performed or brought you delight, send us an email at - and we'll give you a complete refund. 

If you aren't satisfied we wouldn't feel good keeping your money, so we've made it super easy to get your money back! And to be clear, there are no strings attached, no hoops to jump through either. We won't even ask for the product back. Just for the record, we've sold 100's of every product at our store and haven't had one single refund request. 

You won't have to wait either, we will issue any refund within two days of receiving a request. We are so confident in our product that we are willing to make this promise...anyone who requests a refund will receive, without question, hassle or any delay, 150% money back! 

On Sale items do not fall under this guarantee. Instead, send us a photo of the damaged item and we will send you a replacement in return. We value you're business and want to be with you every step of your journey. 


The World Below